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Two Strap Easy Lifter - 2 Pairs

1020 Reviews

Two Strap Easy Lifter - 2 Pairs

816 Reviews


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You will thank yourself for saving your back with this lifetime value item. People strongly agree that it is better than a dolly, as it guarantees its user(s) stress free and evenly distributed weight for lifting and moving big furniture.
    Here are 5 Great Reasons why you should have it - with DIY guidelines:

    1. Safe and High Quality
    According to a research done by Better Health Channel, 28% of injuries are caused by manual handling and misuse of tools.

    The designers of this two strap lifter scientifically studied the human and mechanical error when using a two-men lifter.

    They found out that our shoulder and arms should be free from stress while lifting heavy objects. So they designed it to promote and facilitate proper weight balance between lifters and heavy objects. 

    Lifting technique is also simplified regardless height and weight of lifters.
    2. Save your back

    A 64 year old couple attempted to use this two strap lifter, and they were so amazed how they were able to balance big furniture (ex: mattresses), smiling while moving it around their house moving up/down stairs. 

    In clinical studies, it is nearly impossible for elderlies to lift and move heavy objects as the strength of their musculoskeletal system is diminishing.
    However, this device makes heavy objects much lighter, so instead of your lower back picking up the stress, it evenly distributes the weight on your shoulder as your legs do the work.
    3. Versatility

    Due to the demand of workloads in moving furniture, experts highlight that one critical element, that a buyer should look for a lifter is its 'adaptability'.
    "Different length of objects requires different size of movers."
    This principle is naturally adopted by Two Strap Easy Lifter. You can adjust its straps through its buckle so a bulky, heavier or bigger piece of furniture can be moved with ease, regardless of height of the movers. Pretty awesome right?
    4. Cost Efficient with a Lifetime Value

    Even if you have no money to move, with the help of your 13 year old daughter, you can easily move furniture like having another 2 strong men lifting it for you.

    It allows you to use your hands to open doors while carrying the furniture.

    Based on actual test and testimonials of people who bought it, it replaced 4 people, and it made moving easier without them spending too much money.
    It does not just move furniture, it also helps you to avoid damaging new floors.

    5. Highly Recommended by Physicians and Experts

    According to American Academy of Family Physicians, published on March 2017, the best way to pick up a load is to use handles or straps and by practicing proper body mechanics.
    Both of these principles are carefully aligned with the design of Two Strap Easy Lifter.
    It's the best solution to move furniture with your partner. 

    For less than $25, you saved a piece of furniture, your back and your money.